PSS Shaft Seal Hose Barb Plug

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Hose Barb Plug

This is a plug for the PSS Shaft Seal hose barb. If your boat will not exceed 10 knots under power, then the PSS Shaft Seal does not require positive water feed. The PSS Shaft Seal can simply be "vented", or you can use this plug-in in place of the hose barb that's inserted into the carbon stator.

"Burping" the PSS Shaft Seal

You will also be required to "burp" the PSS Shaft Seal whenever there is air trapped inside. Simply pull back on the carbon stator, separating it from the stainless-steel rotor. This will cause a quick mist of water to spray out.


If your boat will exceed 10 knots under power, then it is required that a positive water supply be plumbed to the PSS Shaft Seal for the purpose of lubricating and cooling the seal faces.

Manufacturer : PSS Shaft Seal
Manufacturer Part No : 07-141-8NPSMPLUG